Vincent D. Warmerdam

I try to be appreciative of all the open source software out there. Here’s a list of projects that I have been active in setting up to give back.


Drawdata is a simple tool that allows you to draw you data and then download it.

Open Source


Skedulord makes cron a bit more use-able by;

  1. logging the jobs predictably
  2. help with finding broken jobs
  3. adding a retry mechanic


Evol is a tool that makes writing evolutionary heuristics fun again. It makes sure that you keep the code clean and that the user optimises for joy.

I started this project together with Rogier van der Geer.


Scikit-Lego is an opinionated package that contains lego bricks that you can use in your scikit-learn projects.

Together with Matthijs Brouns I started this project to make it easier for us to teach people how to contribute to open source. We ended up creating an library with utilities for the pydata stack that some companies ended up using in production as well.



I’ve been a co-founder and chair of PyData Amsterdam. I’ve helped set up some sattelite events in other cities as well. It’s a cool meetup and a great conference. When we started there was a shortage of events where there were accessible yet technical in the field of data science. I’m still around but am no longer formally in the comittee.