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Copilot & Pytest

A while ago I got access to the Github Copilot program. I've yet to be impressed by the tool but I figured sharing some of the results that it generated.

I figured I should try writing some unit tests for it. So I wrote some tests that are able to remove the Rasa entity syntax from some strings.

Before and after. Written by a human.

Note a few things.

  1. The function accepts a list of strings.
  2. The function outputs a list if strings.
  3. Inside of the test I'm wrapping the going_in and going_out variables to accomodate for this.

New Test

Next, I wrote def test_replace_ent_assignment_empty_string and asked co-pilot to complete the text. Here's what it came up with.

All these examples are incorrect.

Technically, all of these tests are wrong. It fails to understand that I want a list with an empty string inside of the body. The output should also equal a list with an empty string.

I can imagine how these samples got generated. But they are all wrong.

New Parameters

Instead of generating a new test, I wondered if we could get the algorithm to generate new examples for the original test. So I asked the algorithm to generate one example. It generated right after the "there be no entities" example.

I see.

This was a fair example. Then this happened.

That's a lot.

It seems to have generated appropriate candidates inside of parameterize, but part of me isn't that impressed. It's still very much a "repeating parrot"-kind of behavior, not the behavior of a pair programmer.