Vincent D. Warmerdam

My name is Vincent, ask me anything. I have been evangelizing data and open source for the last 7 years. You might know my from tech talks where I attempt to defend common sense over hype in data science.

I’m a self taught developer and data scientist currently living in the Netherlands. In the past I’ve been:

Currently I work as a Research Advocate at Rasa where I collaborate with the research team to explain and understand conversational systems better.

In my previous career I worked over at GoDataDriven in Amsterdam. I was their first data scientist. Here I helped companies get better at what they do by using data. I had been given a fair amount proper cases with impact for important clients while trying to keep the hype at bay. After a few years I felt compelled to leave.

I believe in open source and don’t mind to evangalise from time to time. I have this blog about slightly less obvious aspects in the world of data science to help people get started as well as to keep a record of things that interest me. I’m known for speaking at events but also for giving free lectures in data science around Europe.

The future is pretty awesome, all we have to do is build it.

Past Consulting/Training Clients

Old Blog

I’ve matured my blog in 2018. Some of the old posts can be found here.